Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Topics for Java/J2EE FAQ

Object Oriented Programming?
Class, Constructor and Primitive Data Types?
Difference between procedural and object-oriented programs?
Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism?
Difference between an Interface and an Abstract class
Difference between Assignment and Initialization?
The purpose of garbage collection in Java, and when is it used?
Synchronization in respect to multithreading.
Different way of using thread?
Pass by reference vs pass by value?
HashMap and Map?
Difference between HashMap and HashTable?
Difference between Vector and ArrayList?
Difference between Swing and Awt?
Difference between a constructor and a method?
Abstract class?
Static in java?
Keyword final?
If the main method is declared as private?
If the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?
If I write static public void instead of public static void?
if I do not provide the String array as the argument to the method?
Can an application have multiple classes having main method?
Different types of inner classes?
Type of parameter passing does Java support?
Objects are passed by value or by reference?
HSerializing an object to a file?
Common usage of serialization?
Externalizable interface?
Java provide any construct to find out the size of an object?
wrapper classes?
need wrapper classes?
What are checked exceptions?
Runtime exceptions?
Difference between error and an exception?
Creating custom exceptions?
Different ways to handle exceptions?
Observer and Observable used?
Synchronization? Importance of Synchronization?
Handling integer overflows and underflows?
Difference between preemptive scheduling and time slicing?
Use of this() and super() with constructors?
Synchronized methods and synchronized statements?
Steps in the JDBC connection?
Method must be implemented by all threads?
Synchronized methods and synchronized statements?
Modifiers allowed for methods in an Interface?
Alternatives to inheritance?
The use of bin and lib in JDK?
Method overloading and method overriding?
Reflection package
Difference between Integer and int?
Difference between String and String Buffer?
Difference between process and thread?
Daemon thread and which method is used to create the daemon thread?
Difference between applications and applets?
Source and listener?
Adapter Class?
Controls? Different types of controls in AWT?
Difference between Scrollbar and Scrollpane?
Layout Manager? Types of Layout Manager in Java AWT?
Wrapper Classes?
Vector, Hashtable, LinkList and Enumeration?
Set vs. List?
Reader/Writer vs. InputStream/OutputStream?
I/O filter?
Serializaion and Deserialization?
JDBC Drivers?
Transient Variable?